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The big reason your business email is not working feature image
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The BIG Reason Your Business’ Email Marketing Is Not working – Marketing Magic Tip

     < Every marketer has seen the statistics showing that email marketing is the number one marketing communication method with roughly £40 return for every pound you spend. At...

November 16, 2020
12 Foolproof Creative Ways to make your business memorable - Marketing Magic Tip
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12 Foolproof Creative Methods to make Your Business Memorable – Marketing Magic Tip

     < Every successful business has two essential qualities: the ability to deliver on their promise; and effective marketing. Those that get these elements right have a chance to...

September 29, 2020
What is Google's mobile-first update and what does it mean for your business videoblog
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What is Google’s Mobile-First Indexing, and What Does It Mean For Your Business Website? videoblog

      One of the first blogs I wrote when I started my business in 2015 was about ‘mobilegeddon’ and the so-called mobile-apocalypse. (You can see it here:

July 10, 2020
Marketing in a crisis Eny Osung video blog cover photo
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Marketing in a Crisis: 9 reasons to Turn Up Your Marketing Right Now – Marketing Magic Tip

     < Having huge sections of the population on lockdown, social isolation, and sudden drop in commerce is affecting all businesses. Many fear that business will dry up as...

May 03, 2020