Interview with Derek Williamson 2

Derek Williamson podcast interview - making tax digital

Eny talks Cloud Accounting with Derek Williamson


Derek is Managing Director and Founder at Goddards Accountancy in Surrey. Which he has been running for the last twenty-five years. He has grown the business from a start-up to four offices in London and Surrey. This legend is a champion accountant, who has an advisory role to the government.

He is a passionate advocate for Cloud accounting for business because of the many benefits it brings to businesses. He is particularly keen to get the message out about cloud accounting now because of the upcoming government shake-up of the tax system under the ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative.

His mission in life is to help business owners to pay the right amount of tax so as to avoid over-paying and incurring heavy fines.

When he is not busy working, you will find Derek enjoying bee-keeping at the weekends, gardening in his allotment or scuba diving in exotic waters around the world.

In this interview, Derek’s shares amazing insights into the present and future of accounting for small business. You will find out how Derek continues to build a solid foundation for his accountancy business and the major tax changes that are coming to UK businesses. Derek also tells you about the massive successes and pitfalls on this entrepreneurial journey route as well as his top tips for current, aspiring and soon to be business owners.



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FB: Goddards Accountants


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