Interview with Monica Beckles

Monica Beckles HR podcast on Global.Media

Eny chats with Monica Beckles (Director, Inside Advantage)


Monica started Inside Advantage 18 months ago. The company provides Human Resource Management consultancy and services to enable businesses to be effective and to get the best performance from their biggest asset, their people. A deceptively young-looking mother of two grown-up children and a grandmother, she is passionate about sport – football and tennis. Monica is also driven by equality and fairness – in fact, she would probably have a fight with you if she felt you are being a bully. She is also keen to change the low priority given to people with mental health illness and the elderly in UK society.

When she is not working, Monica will be found looking after her mother who has dementia, as well as spending time with the rest of family. She plays tennis and football in the park regularly and goes for long walks while on holiday.

Listen as Monica shares her experiences in business including the successes she has enjoyed as well as the big lessons she has learnt from along the way. Monica also shares fantastic tips for current, soon-to-be and aspiring business owners!


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Twitter: @In_Advantage 


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