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Jo, who is expecting a baby daughter in a few months, is a father of one. He categorises himself as the only music industry coach! He founded The 6 Global eighteen months ago from a music-based company that has now evolved into a creative/development company with4 strands. Their services range from drink development to life coaching and public speaking as well as creative design and marketing services for businesses.

Primarily, The 6 global is a creative marketing and project development consultancy group that Jo runs in partnership with Louis Spackman. They take innovative and creative ideas and artists, and turn them into big businesses.

Jo aims to create, connect and inspire a million creative people by 2020. He plans to use digital platforms to achieve the ambitious goal. His mission is to inspire people to be better and make the world a better place.

He is passionate about taking ideas and being able to bring something new while at the same time solving problems in society by creating new avenues for people to articulate their ideas and channel their ideas creatively.

When he is not working, Jo loves watching history documentaries; listening to music, reading and spending times with loved ones. He is clearly super-ambitious with a grand vision to build a thriving business and supporting other creative to achieve success on their terms.

Listen as Jo shares his story in business, including the successes, challenges and learning. He also hives fantastic tips for current, soon-to-be and aspiring business owners.



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