Interview with Mark Wileman (Independent Distributor, Utility Warehouse)

Mark Wileman (Independent Distributor Utility Warehouse)
Mark is passionate about helping people, not just to save money, but also in creating and achieving business goals and dreams through the opportunities Utility Warehouse provides. In his five years in business, in which he combines entrepreneurship with his day job in retail, Mark has made personal gains including public speaking. He has also successfully built a base for what he hopes will become over the next few years, a residual income generator, which will change his life as well as that of his family.

An avid Business Networker, constantly on the search for people whose lives he can transform, you will find Mark enjoying family time with his sons or at networking events when he is not working to grow his business.

Mark lays it all on the line in this podcast. Hear his journey into the entrepreneur life, experiences as a business owner, achievements, challenges, learning, and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

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