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Experts have been predicting the massive impact of mobile technology on the way we live and work for many years.  That mobile future is finally here! Just as the Internet has transformed the way that businesses operate over the last ten years, powerful smartphones and tablets are revolutionising everything consumers do.

Every business must adapt to today’s mobile world or be left behind. If you don’t build mobile into your business marketing, you are nowhere! Find out how we help businesses to go mobile through mobile-friendly websites, mobile app development and mobile-optimised marketing.

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Why mobile is so important

‘Consumers spend more than a quarter of their time exclusively on mobile’

‘People spend 194 minutes a day on their Mobile devices, nearly twice the time they spend on desktops’

Mobile touches all parts of a business these days. Many people, including your prospects and customers, now access the Internet on mobile devices for searching, emails, accessing social networks, interacting with businesses, and making purchases.

On average, people spend 194 minutes a day on their Mobile device(s) – smartphone and tablet – compared to 103 minutes a day on their desktops. Within a few years, most people will access the Internet through mobile devices. Successful businesses do not have a choice – you have to go where your prospects and customers are or you will miss out.

Mobile is also a must-do for businesses because mobile technology touches on all parts of your digital marketing – your website, search, local, local and affiliate marketing. This entirely means that your business must ‘think and do’ mobile in everything to have any chance of succeeding.

‘More and more of your customers will be coming from mobile’

‘This year, most sales in stores will be influenced by digital media’

The increased use of smartphones and tablets is one of the top factors driving the growth of e-commerce. Mobile has become a significant sales channel for online and traditional retailers as a greater proportion of customers are coming through mobile.

Furthermore, more people are converting on Mobile and most of the customers that buy in-store will have been influenced by information they get on mobile devices (Forrester Research).

When you connect with prospects and customers by giving them the functionality, information and processes at their fingertips at precisely the moment they are searching for your products or services, you have much more chance of getting that sale.

How consumers use mobile

‘Online sales on mobile will increase by 40%’

‘40% of buyers say mobile is the most important media resource for a purchase’

‘Up to 80% of smartphone or tablet users purchase after a search’

eMarketer rightly estimates that only a relatively small portion of retail sales, roughly 7.1% in 2015, will take place online because shoppers more often than not buy things in-store. Roughly half of smartphone shoppers buy anything on their phones.

While digital is certainly not making physical stores obsolete, it is transforming physical stores into brand showcases where people go to look at the physical product.

Mobile marketing increasingly influences in-store purchases every year though, serving as a catalyst for sales transactions that take place somewhere else. For considered purchases, people are researching online before and during their time in a store.

40% of consumers considered mobile their most important media resource for a purchase decision.

An October 2014 Placecast survey conducted by the Harris Poll confirmed the multifaceted role of smartphones in shopping – far more consumers planned to use their phone to find a local retailer (39%), get social feedback on a potential buy (38%) or find a discount voucher (33%). Other consumer smartphone uses are to find price and product information, to check availability and exact location of items in-store.

Most mobile research leads to a purchase, just not on the smartphone, as shown by an xAd & Telmetrics 2015 survey, that found that 70% to 80% of smartphone or tablet users said they had completed or would soon complete a purchase related to their smartphone search.

The new reality is that consumers are now shopping online to help them shop in-store and vice versa. This new behaviour is changing the type of

Man using mobile in-store

Businesses have to take advantage of the fact that the purchase decision process increasingly flows through mobile devices.

 Challenges of mobile

‘Abandonment rate for mobile shopping carts is 97%’

‘90 percent of transactions today are offline’

The barriers of going mobile have seen many businesses and marketers slow to adapt to our mobile world. As a result, most buying transactions (around 90%) take place offline (Forrester Research).

These challenges include the costs for optimising for the different mobile platforms, the relatively low conversion rates for mobile advertising, the difficulty in quantifying the impact of mobile in monetary terms, and adapting to frequent changes in the mobile landscape like Google’s algorithm update in April 2015.

Forrester attributes the historical low conversion figures on mobile devices to businesses making it unnecessarily hard for shoppers to work through a purchasing decision from their mobile device as easily as they would through other mediums. On mobile, it can be challenging to view an item, navigate different webpages, or read through FAQ lists.

Croydon mobile shopping cart abandonment

mobile shopping cart abandonment

Radware’s finding that nearly all mobile consumers (97%) abandon their shopping carts and do not complete transactions they have started, compared to 70—75% abandonment rates on desktop computers, especially because of slow page load speeds on mobile devices, clearly illustrates businesses’ failures on mobile. This has to change for mobile to work better for online businesses.

Mobile ad spending will grow 61 percent this year

‘Sophisticated and personalised marketing targets the right mobile audience’

Today, businesses and digital marketers are rushing to be mobile-first thanks to the advanced targeting solutions that have become available to provide streamlined solutions to get your message in front of the most relevant audiences.

Magna Global and ZenithOptimedia predict that mobile marketing spending will grow 61 percent this year. Mobile marketing is the fastest growing digital marketing medium, growing five times as faster than desktop spending. Mobile spending makes up nearly a fifth of overall digital media spending.

Mobile advertising is now more accessible as advertising marketplaces and new players enter the mobile space, addressing the challenges. This has enabled mobile marketers to develop a sophisticated and personalised marketing channel to better reach mobile consumers.

Is your business optimised for mobile devices?

We understand how mobile technology is rapidly evolving to result in the behavioural and cultural shift that is happening. We can ensure you benefit from being always connected across the full range of touchpoints that enable your prospects and customers to complete transactions while they are on the go.

Going mobile

An effective mobile strategy is a lot more than creating adverts for mobile devices. We can help your business to do the right things to get maximum return on investment from your mobile marketing budget.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Creating a strategy for mobile before taking steps to embed mobile initiatives in your business specifies the activities, goals, resources and timescales for your efforts.

A comprehensive strategy that covers all aspects of mobile in your business is key to a coherent approach rather than a scattergun approach that is likely to lead to a waste of your budget and time.

All of our marketing strategies state how we will measure progress towards the objectives and report them to you.

Our mobile strategy for your business will include some or all of these elements, depending on your business needs:

Mobile Apps

Smallbiz-emarketing mobile appBusinesses are increasingly turning to mobile apps as the ideal way to benefit from the mobile revolution. This shift to having your own app should not come as a surprise given the benefits apps provide including these:

  • Your channel to the customer without competition.
  • You are in your customer’s hands 24/7/365
  • You can send updates, offer, push notification messages and give rewards to your clients.
  • Mobile app prices are becoming increasingly affordable
  • Mobile apps can be integrated with your website to give clients a seamless experience of your brand.

To help you to see how a mobile app can help your business, we are offering a free demo app development with no obligation to buy unless you want to launch and make it available on Google Play store or the Apple App store

Mobile –friendly website

Creating a mobile device friendly website experience is now a critical part of all business’ web strategies. It is now even more essential for businesses to translate their brand proposition to mobiles and smartphones while making the mobile experience additive to the desktop experience and enhancing your unique selling points.

 ‘What is the best mobile-friendly website option for your business?

Businesses have to make many important choices to make their website mobile-friendly, decisions that are not always straight forward. Choosing between the Responsive Web Design options and producing appropriate content for the one you settle upon is essential to giving customers the information they want when they want it.

Getting the design and content of your mobile website right also positively impacts on your website’s ranking on search engines. You definitely don’t want to risk losing potential customers because your website is downgraded for not being mobile-friendly. We can help you to understand the options.

Furthermore, we understand the content to prioritise in mobile-friendly websites to enhance online shoppers’ experiences and makes it easy for shoppers to buy on-the-go from your website. This often requires content to be in bite-size chunks with easy steps to checkout.

mobile content on a tablet

mobile marketing

In producing mobile-optimized content, we are good at giving customers the information they want while emphasising your unique offerings and the qualities that make you stand out from the competition.

Testing different types of content of a variety of devices and browsers is an essential part of arriving at what works to get conversions and reduce cart abandonment and high bounce rates.


Since mobile shopping is different from desktop, it is vital to understand the customers’ path to purchase on mobile devices and tailor your content accordingly. We also know that mobile is increasingly becoming just one of the steps in customers’ route to purchase. So it must be integrated with your other marketing mediums.

We can help you to integrate mobile with the technology and systems in your business that makes it easier to connect with more customers, giving them the information they require at the right stage in the purchasing process to move them nearer to completing the transaction.

Mobile advertising

We have designed adverts for mobile devices, so we know what works and what does not work on mobile’s smaller screen size, page formats and utility. We are experienced at creating adverts that mobile users respond to – adverts that are attractive, simple to understand, emphasise how your product/service will meet their needs and easy to buy from.

mobile advertising for Croydon small businesses

mobile advertising

Clicking on an advert is the first step in the customers’ journey to buying. We create mobile-optimized landing pages for our adverts, so that customer get a seamless experience from the advert to the information about the product/service that they are looking for and then the checkout process.

Getting clicks on adverts is relatively simple. However; getting real prospects that are interested in buying from you to click on adverts is somewhat harder. We use market research and analysis of your existing customers to identify and deliver the right adverts to the right audience because that helps to improve the performance of campaigns and makes more effective use of your mobile adverts budget.

Our mobile advertising work does not stop once we design and launch an advertising campaign. Having established campaign goals and metrics to measure success towards achieving them, we know how to monitor, analyse and improve campaigns, building on what is working and changing aspects that could work better.

The mobile landscape is constantly changing, so we use a test-learn-improve approach to optimise effectiveness and get the best return on investment.

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Mobile Marketing Service Package

  • Devise mobile marketing strategy
  • Mobile app demo development – FREE
  • Published mobile app on Android and iTunes
  • Integrate mobile across your marketing channels
  • Design mobile-friendly responsive website and landing pages
  • Optimise website for mobile search
  • Propose, design, launch and manage mobile advertising campaigns
  • Design mobile-friendly emails
  • Implement SMS and MMS
  • Review and optimise mobile communications
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Analytics and reporting monthly
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