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Want to master social media for your business? Learn the fundamentals and how to use Social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Marketing is an essential part of building A successful business. digital marketing is faster, cheaper, can reach most of your target clients, and is far more effective than traditional marketing techniques of yesteryear.

The sheer number of your potential customers looking for businesses like yours online every day is staggering. Research suggest that 81% of consumers search online before buying a product or service.

Relying on your website to achieve high search result rankings organically takes years  – time and resources that many small and local businesses do not have.

Businesses of all sizes have jumped on the bandwagon to get these benefits: “use social network marketing to draw traffic to your website and raise brand awareness (start with the biggest ones first: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). This form of marketing is essentially free and can help you to market your business for very little cost”. – Michael Evans

These numbers show why business can no longer ignore social media:

Research shows that the majority of businesses (70%) manage their social media marketing in-house themselves. The reluctance to outsource social media marketing is coupled with worrying data reported by Brynley-Jones and Social Media Examiner that shows most businesses get questionable results from DIY Social media marketing as follows:

  • Fewer than 20% of marketers rate their digital communications at an Advanced level.
  • 53%  of businesses plan to spend more on organic social media.
  • The number-one question marketers want to be answered (92%) is which social media marketing tactics work best.
  • Figuring out how to best connect with people remains high on the list of questions marketers want to be answered (90%).
  • A significant 86% of marketers want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities.
  • 86% of marketers are looking for guidance on sifting through enormous social networks and connecting with the right people.
  • A surprising 86% don’t know which tools are best to simplify their social media work.


Get the knowledge and skills to make social media work for your business. Start your video-based learning supported by learning guides and tests to measure your progress.

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Welcome to the LearnersClub a fortnightly content series covering all the major social media platforms to allow you to market your business with absolute confidence. Millions of businesses market their products & services online to build a brand, build a reputation and most of all make sales! What if you did too?

Learn all you need to know about how to market your business online using all the key online platforms. We cover LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. You will spend a few hours every other week learning about each social platform and how best to implement it into your business.

You will also receive support documents and videos to give you a deeper understanding on that social platform.

The Course

Modules covered over 12 months learning on a twice monthly basis. Learn the materials then use the online videos to continue your progress in your own time.