Interview with Alison Reeves-Slaughter

Alison Reeves-Slaughter business podcast

Eny chats with Alison Reeves Slaughter (Owner, Fit and Fabulous)


Eny talks to Alison about Pilates and Fitness business.

Alison founded Fit and Fabulous in Jan 2016. In the 9 months, the business has doubled from delivering four Pilates classes to eight. The number of Personal Training sessions has also increased to 13 sessions a week. In that time she has also opened her own one-to-one gym from which she also delivers Pilates and personal training.

When not working, Alison can be found mountain biking all over England, making jewellery out of any materials that look good, gardening and spending time with her family.

Of course, she is passionate about helping people to maintain good posture and keeping well. Nonetheless, Alison is driven by seeing people change from “I can’t” to realising that they can. She loves empowering people to move beyond their comfort zones.

Listen to this fitness guru share her experiences and learning as a start-up business owner through to becoming established and recognised in a short space of time. You will find out about her most memorable moments as a business owner as well as less desirable experiences and tips for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners. Enjoy!


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