Interview with Winston Stirling (Streatham Wells Building Services)


Winston has been in the construction business for seventeen years following his role as an engineer. He is highly ambitious and enthusiastic about life, work and making a difference. In fact Winston is in the process of setting up a care home for the elderly in the UK as well as planning to start a safari travel business to African countries.

His current business, Streatham Wells Heating and Plumbing Services, based in Streatham, South London provides professional building and maintenance services in domestic homes and commercial premises.

Winston is passionate about improving the lives of senior citizens in the UK. In his spare time you will find him socialising with his church groups and retired servicemen in Balham. Listen to Winston share what moved him into being an entrepreneur, his experiences, successes, plans for the future and tips for small business owners.

Listen to Winston share what moved him into becoming an entrepreneur, his experiences, successes, hurdles, his many ambitious plans for the future, and tips for small business owners.


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