Interview with Chenella Walker

Eny chats with Chenella Walker

Eny chats with Chenella Walker (Founder, The Hired Secretary)


Chenella Walker, Director, The Hired Secretary.

Chenella Walker and her Business partner Jodianne Griffiths started their business earlier this year. They are Co-Directors at The Hired Secretary, based in Croydon. The Hired Secretary is a professional and bespoke virtual office provider, supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Startups, and companies that are looking to outsource their essential office tasks, but remotely. For example, they provide companies with their own personal assistant, phone and fax line and printing, stamping etc.

Their service can and have saved companies hundreds even thousands a year. The Hired Secretary takes the headache and the stress from hiring process and office overheads.

Chenella is passionate about preaching about God’s kingdom and making life easier for entrepreneurs and building a legacy through her business. She is driven by love and fairness on our planet. When she is not working hard to build The Hired Secretary, Chenella will be found doing athletics (running) and kickboxing.

In this interview, Chenella and her assistant tell us about the business and where the inspiration came from. We also hear about their journey as business owners growing a start-up and their huge plans for the future of the business. Chenella shares the successes she has experienced on the entrepreneurship road, as well as the lessons she has learnt in the process. Her tips and advice for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners combined with her taste in lively music make this an interview not to be missed. Enjoy!

More info: Twitter @HiredThe

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