Creative Media Advertising

Creative media advertising

Businesses use a mix of online and offline marketing techniques to drive more traffic to their business and generate more sales. The Internet does not change the fact that businesses have been successfully marketing using traditional techniques for many years. We are a unique agency who have access to leading media platforms including television, radio, publications and location-based advertising spaces. Read on to see why every business should consider mass media advertising and digital marketing techniques in your marketing mix, as well as how we can help.

Media advertising

‘All well-known online brands have invested heavily in TV advertising’

Today, television advertising is still the most effective medium in terms of achieving mass awareness about businesses. For major online brands looking to launch a product or service, take awareness of their brand to the next level and increase their sales and customer base, mass media advertising is the main source for of driving traffic to their business.

While more people are searching and buying online year on year, businesses gain an immediate uplift in credibility and trust when they are seen on trusted networks and publications.  

The golden prize from media advertising is becoming famous, recognisable and instantly front of consumers’ mind for the product or service you provide. Businesses also save on online paid search budgets.

Lifestyle, entertainment, news, professional, regional and local publications bring significant results most all companies. Reasons for this include the fact that people like having a physical copy of something that they can take away and digest, and printed media has a personal feel. Similarly, methods like direct mail are major sources of leads and sales for businesses, especially when marketing materials are professionally designed and distributed systematically through targeted mailing lists.

Most consumers trust traditional advertising as the Marketing Charts data below shows:

  • Ads on TV: 62%
  • Ads in newspapers: 61%
  • Ads on Radio: 57%
  • Billboards and outdoor media ads: 57%


Direct mail

Direct mail includes flyers, letters, posters and cards containing information advertising products or services, that are either sent or given to people.

“79% of recipients act on direct mail immediately” – DMA

Direct Marketing Association (DMA)  found that 4 out of 5 people will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45 percent who say they deal with email straightaway. Just under half people visit the business’ website, and more than a third go on to search for the business online. More than a quarter of consumers keep the information for use at a later date. 

Another Marketing Charts study found that in older consumers (aged 50-68), more than 3 in 10 reported that direct mail had influenced them to purchase a product or service, while a survey conducted by Forbes discovered that the 18–34 year-old age group prefers finding out about products and services by direct mail. Furthermore, a Target Marketing Magazine survey found that direct mail is the highest scoring form of marketing for Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business return on investment. Contact retention is also higher with direct mail than social media marketing, for example.

With response rates from direct mail as high as 6.5% compared to around 0.12% for typical email marketing campaigns, it is no surprise that Bestmailing reports that more than half of all business sectors still use direct mail to generate lead and get customers. Royal Mail’s findings that over the past five years, the cost of digitally printed mailings has fallen by 25% means that this method of advertising is more affordable than ever!

Businesses can benefit from a wide range of media advertising to reach their target audience, many of which are relatively inexpensive to implement. While your competition ignores the huge potential of mass media marketing, you should consider getting the full benefits for your business.

Doing media advertising

‘Which offline marketing mediums will work for your business?’

We have the expertise to design and run media advertising campaigns. We are able to give businesses access to the right advertising platform as a result of our buying power to buy space in volume, meaning you get the lowest prices than commercial rates. Our team of experienced copywriters, graphic designers, videographers and photographers produce captivating and engaging content to optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Contact us for expert creatives to get the message of your unique products and services to a wider audience so that you get the exposure, trust and credibility to sell more!

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Getting started

Our creative media advertising service starts with a consultation meeting to discuss your project requirements including goals, budget, timescale and resources.

We then develop an advertising and marketing strategy that will work for your business.

A key part of our traditional marketing consultancy service is ensuring that your offline and online marketing activities are integrated. This enables potential customers to get consistent messages from your marketing campaigns.

Creative Media advertising package

We have the creative vision and team to take your media advertising campaign from concept through delivery:

Our services include:

  • Plan a bespoke advertising and marketing strategy.
  • Prepare for your advertising by sourcing the right advertising platforms to reach your audience, including TV, radio, magazines, direct-mail and location-based platforms as appropriate.
  • Producing creative assets (videos, images and copy) for your campaign (s).
  • Previewing your campaign with a representative sample group of your target audience. 
  • Publishing your campaign 
  • Progress monitoring to ensure your campaign is on track and optimised to achieve your objectives.
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