Content Marketing

Content marketing in the form of useful, relevant information and resources for visitors, is an essential technique that gets websites higher up the search rankings, leads to more clicks and more sales because Internet users just love great content that helps them.

Search engines also love great content because it makes Internet users – their customers) – happy so they go back to them for more searches in the future.

Higher search engine rankings lead to more clicks and more sales because Internet users and search engines just love great content that helps them in their lives. Read on to find out about how content marketing can help your business get more customers and sell more.

Why content matters

94% of small businesses do content marketing”
“60% of business owners want to do more content marketing”
“Content marketing is the top marketing priority”

Virtually all small businesses are already doing content marketing, while 60% of small business owners said they plan to increase their content production in 2015 (Search Engine Journal). Smart Insight’s 2015 marketing trends poll showed that content marketing is still the top marketing priority for 2015.

With everyone producing content on the Internet, it is getting harder and harder to get people to see and pay attention to your information and resources.

The reason everyone is investing in content marketing is because quality content sells. When you provide content that people love, they visit your website more often and stay longer, they will see your website as the place to go for answers to their questions, and they will share your content with their networks.

You will become the trusted experts in your sector and the go-to business to buy from.

Content marketing Croydon small business 2

Content marketing 2

In addition, producing useful content regularly and often will keep the search engines coming back to your website more frequently and at the same time, increase the number of things that your business can show up in the search results for. The more pages you rank high for, the higher your website will rank overall on search engines.

Other websites are also more likely to link to your content, thereby increasing your reach, spreading the word about your business and exciting search engines even more. This is additional free advertising for your business that brings in more visitors and leads to more sales.

More content does not necessarily mean better content – the emphasis should be on delivering sector-leading, high quality content that is useful to your audience in that it solves a problem or answers questions they have.

Is your content strategy working for your business?
Do you know how to turn all that additional traffic into real customers?

Almost all small business owners have so much to do, leaving little time to focus on creating great content regularly. The Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 research graph below shows the common barriers that stop small businesses doing content marketing well.

Small business content marketing challenges

Small business content marketing challenges

Let us take the strain and do the work for you.

Producing great content

Our content marketing service begins with developing a content marketing strategy for your business. The strategy will ensure that the content is properly targeted at clearly defined visitor profiles, has a regular and frequent pre-determined schedule to ensure, set objectives and metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the content marketing.

As you will see in the Periodic Table of Content Management below, there are many more elements to getting content marketing right, which we can help with.

The Periodic Table of SEO Marketing Croydon

     The Periodic Table of SEO Marketing


One of the key ways we create engaging content is doing research to identify the questions that your visitors want answers to. The aim is to fill a gap in the market, which increases the chance that the content will get people taking the time to engage with it because it is useful and relevant.

Catchy title

Choosing a title that has a hook to draw them to your website to look at the leads to establishing the type of content that your visitors and customers want and engage with – infographics, articles, case studies, videos, how-to guides, etc.

The simple reason for this is that we want to help you to give your audience what they want, the way they want it: giving people what they want makes them more likely engage with it, share it and perform desired actions.

Keyword optimisation

Identifying the right keywords influences the structure and makes it the content visible for the right search terms. So we use the keywords used that people search for so that you can be sure that a high volume of people will want access the content.

Well written

Great content is well researched to ensure it is complete. We also make sure that all of the content we produce is in good English, well structured, jargon-free, easy to understand and proofed for grammatical and spelling errors.

We checklist all content before publishing to ensure that they are in line with your company’s policies. Also using relevant images, stats and quotes while giving credit as necessary helps to give it credibility as well as make it more interesting.

Our content strategy builds in measurable goals and analytics methods to ensure that content is working for your business and leading to clear benefits that outweigh the investment put into it.

Distributing content

“Content isn’t great until it’s discovered, consumed and shared

Having a website full of interesting and useful resources is no good if no one can see it. Distributing your content in the right places gets it in front of visitors that are likely to take the next step to become customers.

Link building Croydon distributing content

Link building for Croydon

There are many different opportunities to promote and distribute content. It is important to identify the most effective places to distribute your content to generate site visits and sales.

Where and how should your market your content to get the full benefits?

We ensure your content gets maximum exposure by distributing it in the places your target visitors go to such as via email, social media, content publication websites, industry blogs and other relevant websites that get mutual benefits from linking to your website.

Content Marketing Service package

  • Review of existing content
  • Propose topic for article
  • Research of keywords and topics that people are searching for
  • Produce 1 article
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Post article on website with description and keywords
  • Promote article to get links
  • Promote article on facebook, Twitter, Google+ & 1 other social network
  • 1 curated article/content
  • Respond to questions / feedback
  • Analyse performance & report monthly