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Rajan Amin started his Coversure franchise business in August 2000 after years of working in retail and sales. He moved his family and company to Croydon in June 2015, a move he regards as being fantastic for the business, not least because they had their best year last year (2016). Rajan’s Coversure Croydon is on track to have an even better year this year. He plans to be in the top 5 of UK Coversure franchise offices, which is no mean feat considering Coversure are one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in the UK.

He plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro one day, travel around the world and jump out a plane for charity – Rajan is clearly no ordinary man!

Rajan is passionate about spending time with family. He also loves playing golf and is an active member of amateur dramatics called Subrange Arts in Sutton which he and his wife have been involved in for 11 years. As well as putting on shows locally, they flew 65 people from the group out to perform in the USA in 2011.

When he is not working, Rajan is an armchair fan enjoying films. He enjoys going for walks after dinner every day and the family love entertaining guest for meals regularly.

Listen to Rajan share his journey into starting his insurance brokerage franchise business that has now become the highly successful Coversure Croydon branch. He talks about his experiences, successes, challenges and learning on the journey to where he is today. He also gives fantastic advice and tips for current, soon-to-be and aspiring business owners everywhere. Enjoy!


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