Interview with Gary Beckett (Owner of Advanced Print Services, Coulsdon)


Gary is the founder and owner at Advanced Print Services in Coulsdon. Their services include photocopying, printing, banners, business cards, flyers, brochures, canvas photo print, booklets and programmes, mugs and promotional items as well as embroidered and printed workwear. Gary started the business way back in 1992 – he emphasises that Advanced Print is far from old – Gary says they are young at heart as they are forward-thinking and invest in modern technology. Gary is passionate about cars. In fact, they are all petrol-heads at Advanced Print. They work fast and drive even faster. He owns a Cobra kit car and can be found on race tracks in Surrey and Silverstone. In this podcast Gary talks about how he started in the printing business, his experiences, challenges, learning and top tips for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. Enjoy…

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