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Global.Media is a full-service creative media marketing and Advertising agency with branches in London and Truro, Cornwall.

Global.Media provides you with guaranteed lead generation, captivating content and modern marketing strategies so that you can reach a greater audience, enabling you to attract, engage and retain new customers.

Our marketing experts offer you access to first-rate design, media and technology partners who will create attention-grabbing advertising and effective marketing campaigns that engage your target audience.

We give clients VISIBILITY and CREDIBILITY that builds TRUST that leads to more CUSTOMERS! 

We work with you to develop the right strategy, action plan and expertise to target, attract and engage your ideal clients on mass media (billboards, radio, TV, publications and locations) as well as digital platforms including social networks, pay-per-click (PPC), email, newsletter, SEO (Search optimisation), video, mobile app or on their website. Our dedicated in-house creative experts provide a complete marketing mix so we create, launch and manage every aspect of your campaign from concept to producing digital assets and sourcing the right marketing techniques and platforms to engage the target audience for your unique business and the objectives you want to achieve.

Who we are

We are a new breed of marketers bred for the digital marketplace.  We are driven by the mission to make our clients famous to their target clients by implementing results-based innovative marketing strategies that combine the massive reach of digital platforms with tried and trusted traditional advertising mediums. With us:

  • You avoid wasting money and time with marketing that does not work.
  • You avoid losing time that you should be spending on running your business and delighting your customers.
  • You won’t miss opportunities to sell to potential customers.

We guarantee more leads for you to convert into paying customers or we will refund your monthly management charges! Watch these short videos to find out more about how we help businesses:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

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LinkedIn & Facebook clients

Marketing courses for business

Webdesign & Startups marketing

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Video marketing & production

We work with businesses to sell more online with a simple target-driven 6P process:

  1. Prepare – establish the concept for your campaign by clarifying your unique qualities, message, objectives, target audience and product/service.
  2. Plan – develop strategy, action plan with timescales, budget and deliverables.
  3. Produce– produce creative assets for the campaign including graphic design of digital marketing images, publication copy, videos and landing pages to engage your target clients.
  4. Preview– test the creative assets with a representative sample of your target audience for feedback and improvements.
  5. Promote– launch the campaigns on the best platforms and partners’ channels to reach your target audience.
  6. Progress– Review campaign performance to establish areas for improvement to optimise campaign effectiveness.

Effective marketing is serious business. No one can rely on just a limited number of sources to promote their products and services.  Sending the wrong message at the wrong time can mean tens or hundreds of pounds of lost revenue. Moreover, from an efficiency standpoint, if you don’t use your time wisely, you are missing out on potential deals and conversations that you could be having.

How it works

Global.Media delivers marketing across all online and offline platforms, letting us target and send the right message to potential customers wherever they are, whenever, quickly and easily. We use the latest and greatest innovations in targeting, personalisation and engagement tools on the market. And because today’s marketing technologies make for easy interoperability, we utilise our massive partner ecosystem of amazing add-on tools that offer all manner of efficiency benefits in your campaign.

How do you know it’s better?


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Our marketing ensures you reach your target customers wherever and whenever they are consuming media, whether they are using the Internet, watching television, reading magazines, listening to the radio or even just out shopping. Our expert team ensures that in-house marketing teams get the expertise to achieve your objectives. Our expert use of automated email capture, personalised email, retargeting and product recommendation systems clients get:

  • Consumers visiting your website as much as 3x to 10x as often.
  • Triple email open rates.
  • Treble click-through rates on Pay-Per-Click advertising.
  • Increased engagement.
  • Consumers having more trust in your brand

We don’t only save you money while getting you more customers, we also free up your time to do what you do best – run your business. We guarantee to make your business better equipped to make money online even after we stop working with you.


Our Philosophy

Having a great business idea and creating your website is just the start of the road to financial freedom and global domination you have always dreamed about. The first challenge is getting potential customers to know about your business and how it can transform their lives. Then they must trust you before they spend their hard-earned money.

We also know that marketing budgets are always very precious and getting the best return on marketing investment is key. That is why we commit to getting the right potential customers to your business buying your products and services. Businesses that provide high-quality products and services benefit most from our marketing services. In addition, they have a strong vision and ambition to be successful in their niche.

For marketing to deliver maximum return on investment, your business will need efficient sales and delivery processes. We can work with you to put these key systems in place over time. Successful digital marketing rarely happens overnight. So a long-term vision built on sustained effort and funding is necessary for a sustainable and successful business.

Marketing in the digital age is a dynamic business. It seems each year brings new technologies, new buzzwords or new trends. Despite all of these advancements, too many businesses apply the same mass marketing techniques used in the offline world to the digital world: Send more messages. Buy more ads. Launch more campaigns. However, these techniques rarely work in the digital age. We believe in implementing bespoke online marketing for your unique business, combining multiple marketing techniques to create a complete online strategy that works for you. By focusing on a single digital marketing technique, you risk bypassing potential customers who are more easily accessible through other channels. This is why spreading your marketing evenly across various platforms and techniques is more likely to lead to positive results.

Our priority is to work with you to select the most effective marketing strategies to achieve your business goals and get you the best return on your marketing investment.

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