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Social media has become an indispensable component for every business’ marketing mix today. Consumers expect businesses to have an active presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. In fact, there are more than one hundred social media networks! Each social network has its pros and disadvantages, so they will not all work for your business. Knowing which social media network(s) to have a presence on and how to use social media to benefit your business is not as easy as it can first appear.When used correctly, social networks can dramatically increase customer acquisition, sales and repeat sales. Read on to find out how social networks can benefit your business and how we can help you to implement a profitable social network (s) presence.

Social Media business benefits

Building relationships

Businesses that use social media properly have seen that it leads to more profits, that is why every business invests in social media marketing.

‘Consumers are 62% more likely to do business with you after they’ve seen a positive review’

Trustpilot research found that the most shoppers consult the ratings and reviews on social networks before making a purchase. Social media is a great way to get social proof in the form of feedback, ratings and recommendations from others. As our brains are genetically programmed to follow other people’s behaviours, this type of information has a huge impact on the decision-making process as it builds trust in your business.

‘Interesting content is a top 3 reason why people follow brands on social media’
‘6 out of 10 consumers will recommend businesses they follow on social media’

Posting interesting and relevant content on social media networks that customers like and engage with helps to build a brand profile that your target audience to connect with. They are likely to like/follow your business. Over time, these consumers can become advocates for your business, telling others about their great experiences with you and recommending your business.

Posting the engaging content with links to your website on social networks makes people more likely to visit your website and enter the sales funnel. People are also more likely to share interesting and relevant content with their network, spreading the word about your business and driving more traffic to your website.

Bearing in mind that people like to plan ahead, so be the company they turn to for news, updates and information about a product or service. Getting this right on social media networks can boost your subscriber list, enabling you to begin a dialogue with them that can generate more sales.

Reputation management

As we live in an age where customers want instant responses to their issues with businesses, social networks are great for genuine two-way communication with customers that want more information and/or resolve issues. In this way, social media is a key resource for managing your reputation – If your business is not on social media networks, you will not know what people are saying about you and be able to respond appropriately speedily.

Furthermore, potential customers have more trust in businesses that they see responding in a timely, sensitive and professional way on social media because it shows them that you care about your customers and deliver exceptional customer service.

Targeted advertising

Most social media networks have advertising platforms that facilitate attractive, low-cost advertising to highly targeted audiences anywhere in the world.

Advertising on social networks can get your message right in front of thousands of your target audience, direct on their timelines or newsfeeds – they cannot unsubscribe or fail to see your message.

Social media advertising also makes it very easy for people to share your adverts with their networks with the click of a button.

The business case for social media marketing is undeniable. You would be foolish to ignore this medium in your business marketing.


Social media challenges

‘Seven out of ten people say businesses don’t do a good job of communicating with them online.’

A Maxus survey found that most companies fail to engage their target audience effectively on social media networks. Frequent postings are essential to getting your audience to trust you and follow your social media pages with a keen interest (Search Engine Journal). However, you cannot just post endless adverts about your products and services on your social media pages and expect to get positive results on your bottom line. Businesses have to know how to use social media networks properly to get the best return on their social media spend.

There are many challenges for businesses attempting to do social media including:

  • Time and expertise to manage several social media networks.
  • Establishing the social media network(s) to get the best return on investment.
  • Knowing the optimum posting schedule for your business.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing social media advertising campaigns.
  • Ability to design and target social media advertising at the right audience.
  • Producing engaging content to post on various social networks.
  • Analysing social media metrics.


Doing social media for businesses

Croydon facebook like

We are experienced social media marketers, that can help you to get the best return on investment on your social media marketing spend. We have helped businesses like yours to get more likes and followers, clicks to their website from adverts and engage their target audience using social media.

Our social media marketing service can help you to develop a social media strategy for your business because without a clear strategy and effective execution; it’s unlikely you’ll see a return on the time you spend on social media. A clear strategy ultimately makes social media marketing manageable and measurable.

The plan will identify the social media channel(s) that best fits your business and business goals. By creating buyer personas, we will be able to determine the social media networks that your target audience go to and the type of content that will engage them.

To ensure creative execution of the strategy, we create a calendar that outlines the posting schedule that will engage your target audience, enabling us to post both organic and curated content when they are most likely to see and engage with it.

We know how to use content on your website, including blog posts and product/service information, to create interesting and relevant posts that are unique to your business, thereby building awareness of your brand. Also, we know how to implement image-based paid social media marketing campaigns for your target audience. Part of this is choosing the right bidding strategy to achieve your business goals. Another major factor in effective paid social media advertising is targeting using your customer email list as well as custom audiences, enabling us to target similar people.

We create custom-made landing pages for social media adverts to increase the chances of converting visitors from social media into paying customers. We also know how to use creative methods like competitions, surveys and incentives to increase engagement with posts and encourage people to share them with their networks. Innovative techniques also enable us to gather feedback and reviews that could help new prospects to complete transactions with your business.

When visitors come to your website through social networks, we know how to encourage them to give us their email addresses so that we can nurture them through the sales funnel into becoming customers.

Where appropriate, we will use world-class third-party tools to schedule posts and research trending topics and keywords, to ensure social media posts are always relevant, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting attention, engagement and sharing.

We actively monitor and manage social media to identify content that is working and those that do not get attention. If something isn’t working, we remove it and try new angles or approaches for those that are getting attention and engagement.

With millions of people actively using social networks every day, can you afford not to be there?

Social Media Marketing Service Package

  • Online training to become expert social media marketers.
  • Review advertising campaigns on facebook, Twitter & 1 more social network
  • Propose product/service marketing campaigns for facebook, Twitter & 1 more SM network
  • Design adverts for social media platforms.
  • Launch targeted advertising campaigns on up to two social media networks
  • Manage advertising campaigns
  • Create one topical organic post per day on facebook & Twitter & 1 more social media network
  • Design 1 post per day to promote content /product /service / testimonial on facebook, Twitter & 1 more social network
  • Design and implement facebook retargeting program
  • Run competitions and contest on your social media network
  • Analyse performance and report monthly