Interview with Seyi Onabule

Seyi Onabule business podcast

Eny chats with Seyi Obabule (Founder, Nueras Africa Marketplace)


Eny talks to Seyi about making a business sustainable.

Seyi Onabule is Co-founder and CEO of Nueras Africa Marketplace, an innovative online retail platform that aims to transform how African entrepreneurs sell their products. Nueras Africa Marketplace showcases African brands and gets them to export the products they make to the UK and western countries so they can sell to a wider customer-base.

This is Seyi’s second interview on Eny’s Happy Hour. The focus this time is on a topic that most small businesses must be interested in exploring the right way for start-ups and small business to take the next step and become established sustainable companies.

When he is not working, Seyi will be found reading, travelling the globe and meeting new people, many of whom turn into suppliers.

In this interview, we hear about Seyi’s vision and determination to take his business to the next level in 2017, the strategies that are helping and those that he will steer clear off on his journey to global domination! As ever, Seyi treats us to his favourite music and tips for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners.



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