Small Business

Tay Oz Business podcast

Interview with Tay Oz

Eny talks Real Estate with Tay Ozdemir       Tay is a recently married thirty-something-year-old business owner originally from Caterham in Surrey, near London. After emigrating as a teenager,...

Jo Musa podcast

Interview with Jo Musa

Eny talks music promotion business Jo       Jo, who is expecting a baby daughter in a few months, is a father of one. He categorises himself as the...

Nina Haydon business podcast

Interview with Nina Haydon

Eny talks network marketing with Nina       Nina, a mother of three, is busy running a Utility Warehouse business and building BNI networking chapters in Surrey. She thrives...

VIVIAN SLATTERY business podcast http:/

Interview with Vivian Slattery

Eny talks financial advice business with Vivian       Vivian started in financial advice in 1987, working as a tied agent. The mother of three daughters started her business...

Michael Marley podcast

Interview with Michael Marley

Eny talks residential care business with Michael       Michael is Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Purley, a Senior Living home. He has been with the Sunrise...

Barbara Pilgrim podcast

Interview with Barbara Pilgrim

Eny talks graphic design and marketing with Barbara       Barbara started her graphic design and email marketing business in 2010 that has since evolved to now include mobile...

Rajan Amin podcast

Interview with Rajan Amin

Eny talks people insurance & protection with Rajan       Rajan Amin started his Coversure franchise business in August 2000 after years of working in retail and sales. He...