Small Business

Mary Asante podcast

Interview with Mary Asante

Eny talks people management & compliance with Mary Asante       Mary started Maysante HR Consultancy in September 2016. The company provides HR and Health and Safety support mainly...

Tim Laleye podcast

Interview with Tim Laleye

Eny talks leadership coaching with Tim Laleye       Tim founded The Intent Experience in April 2016. The Business Leadership Coaching business works with business owners to teach them...

Nick Swan business podcast interview

Interview with Nick Swan

Eny talks Watercooler business with Nick         With more than 20 years’ experience of working in and running water companies, Nick looks far younger than he actually...

Gill Sepe business podcast -

Interview with Gill Sepe

Eny talks bullion and network marketing with Gill Sepe         Gill started with Angel Business Club in June 2012. She is also currently a Bullion Agent for...