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Eny Osung -

Interview with Eny Osung

Joyce Sarpong chats with Eny (Managing Director, Global.Media)         Joyce Sarpong turns the tables on your host Eny Osung. Eny is usually the one asking the questions...

Seyi Onabule -

Interview with Seyi Onabule 2

Eny chats with Seyi Onabule (Managing Director, Nueras Africa Marketplace)         Seyi makes a second guest appearance on Eny’s Happy Hour to give us an update on...

Monica Beckles HR podcast on Global.Media

Interview with Monica Beckles

Eny chats with Monica Beckles (Director, Inside Advantage)         Monica started Inside Advantage 18 months ago. The company provides Human Resource Management consultancy and services to enable...

Joyce Sarpong on

Interview with Joyce Sarpong

Eny chats with Joyce Sarpong (Founder, Africa Oracle)         Eny talks to Joyce Sarpong about her company, Africa Oracle, that celebrates and connects the people of Africa...

Amy Felicity Varle on

Interview with Amy Felicity Varle

Eny chats with Amy Felicity Varle (Founder, Social Property Investment)         Eny talks to Amy about providing housing solutions for homeless people that are both sustainable business and...