What You Need To Know About Retargeting Ads: The Basics

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Here at Global.Media, we are committed to bringing you great content that we develop in-house and great content that we source from our expert partners. Our friends at Digital Marketing Jobs produced this hugely informative infographic about retargeting advertising. It is the most comprehensive and complete bible on retargeting ads, which is a strategy that we use in the advertising campaigns that we design and manage for our marketing clients! Grab a cuppa and enjoy learning how to get more engagement and conversions from social ads and search ads campaigns.

As a business that leverages digital marketing to make sales, you should know that advertising is crucial in driving customers to your website or online store. But what if 98% of people who visit your website or store for the first time are not ready to convert?

According to statistics, only 2% of new visitors will convert on their first visit to your website, and they need to revisit your site (at least six more times) before you can expect them to make a purchase. Take into consideration that the latter may never happen.

Why wait forever to attract customers who have already shown an interest in your product or service, when you know you can quickly lose them to competition the moment they leave your website?

If you are still running your online business using the principles highlighted above, then you are still in the dark ages because most of your competitors are already leveraging new marketing techniques like retargeting to retain and convert new leads.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a digital marketing technique that allows you, the advertiser, to target users who visited your website without making a purchase or completing your call to action, depending on your campaign goal. Overtime, retargeting had proven to be a very effective means of reattracting visitors, especially when they were so close to completing your call to action the first time around.

Retargeting ads are 10 times more likely to get clicks when compared to display ads. It is no wonder that over 91% of advertisers say they find retargeting more effective than both email and display marketing. If you have a business that is continuously generating new leads through other marketing channels, then you cannot afford to ignore retargeting.

It is the best marketing strategy when it comes to conversion rates. It boosts conversion rates for website visitors by about 70% when done alone, and by 147% when combined with other marketing strategies like prospecting.

How Does Retargeting Work?

First off, you need to place a pixel on your website. The pixel is a snippet of code known as a “cookie” that serves to track your visitors. 

When users visit your site, this tracking code (cookie) is automatically sent to their computer. It follows them around the web, allowing your ads to easily find them no matter where they are on the internet.

Why Do You Need Retargeting Ads?

  • To Improve the Results of Your Marketing Efforts

Like we mentioned earlier, retargeting can only work when you have other marketing channels working to bring in new leads for your business. On their own, these marketing channels can only convert 2% of whatever new leads they bring in. Retargeting is how you make sure that the other 98% do not go to waste.

  • To Increase Brand Awareness

The majority of your audience might not know what retargeting is, so having them come across your brand everywhere they go on the internet can leave a good impression, making it look like you are widely popular.

  • To Increase Your Chances of Upselling and Cross-Selling

Retargeting audiences are high-value targets because they have already shown interest in your product or service. However, getting them to complete a purchase makes them even more valuable and enables you to upsell or cross-sell similar products or services they might be interested in.

Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 1Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 2Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 3Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 4Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 5Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 6Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 7Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 8Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 9Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 10Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 11Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 12Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 13Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 14Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 15Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 16Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 17Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 18Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 19Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 20Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 21Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 22Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 24Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 25Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 26Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 27Retargeting Ads The Basics Infographic - part 28




It is not wise to put effort into generating new leads without converting them. That is why retargeting is your go-to marketing strategy. It can increase your conversion rate, brand awareness, and also the click-through rate of your ads.


Infographic URL: https://digitalmarketingjobs.io/blog/retargeting-statistics/



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