Survey questions and free tools to find out why your website’s visitors aren’t buying

Getting visitors to your website is challenging, however the hardest thing is getting them to buy. Checkout this slideshow for great ideas to find out why they are not buying:

There are many digital marketing techniques to get visitors to your website – organic and paid search, email, mobile advertising, social networks, etc. Most businesses find that very few visitors actually go on to buy a product or service when they get to their website.  I can honestly say that there is nothing more devastating than seeing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of visitors pass through a website yet there is little or no income as result. Get an insight into the challenges of getting conversions and perfect survey questions to find out why your website visitors did not convert.

Conversion issues – we all get them

If you are an online shopper, as I presume, you will know that are many potential reason why visitors don’t, buy including these:
  • Some visitors are doing research to find out what is on the market
  • Many visitors require up to seven interactions with a business before they make a purchase
  • Seeing negative reviews of the business, products or services
  • There is limited product/service range
  • The price is not value-for-money
  • The website makes it difficult to buy
  • Visitors lack trust in the business for many different reasons
  • Dissatisfaction with delivery charges or processes
  • Unhappiness with the guarantee or refund policy

The list really is endless. Some of these factors lead to the reality that as little as 2 to 4% of a website’s visitors actually buy anything, especially on their first visit. Businesses and digital marketers are frequently left devastated by the fact that those visitors were a missed opportunity to make sales.

When this happens, many marketers and businesses will typically begin the  journey to work out why visitors are not converting, often termed conversion rate optimisation. While doing this can be beneficial to both sides,  I know from experience that it can sometimes lead to making expensive changes – to the business’ website, systems, process, products and services; and to the marketer’s marketing strategy, techniques, platforms and budget/spend.

If the bottom line improves as a result of the changes on one or both sides, everyone moves on until the next challenge arises. The reality is that in many cases, making such changes does not solve the problem (s), so more visitors continue to arrive and click out of the website. It is at this stage that many businesses feel like throwing everything down the plughole, including the baby (think marketer here).
In an ideal world in which budget, time and practical constraints do not matter, we would probably want to meet with our website visitors to have a  one-to-one face-to-face conversation to find out why they bought or did not buy from our website. The next best thing to a face-to-face meeting would be a phone or internet-based call using internet technologies like Skype. These are likely to get us the fullest responses that we can probe further with follow-on questions to clarify responses. However, the chances of visitors agreeing willingly give up their time to do either of these is remote.

Slide show time

 Now is the perfect time to take a look at the Golden Survey questions slide show, then come back to get free survey tools that you can use to get the information you need!
As the slideshow highlights, the simplest and most cost-effective way to identify why visitors are not converting is just to ask visitors – those that do not buy as well as existing customers. There are many options to deliver surveys today including pop-up surveys as visitors browse your website, survey opt-in forms that appear before they leave the website, surveys delivered on social networks, surveys delivered through retargeting campaigns and of course, email surveys delivered straight to our visitors’ inbox if we have their email addresses.
Admittedly, not everyone will respond to a survey, and yet many others will give responses that are not actionable. The real goal is to get that golden one or two suggestions that actually nail the problem (s). The slideshow gives you a good basis to set the questions to find out what is stopping visitors buying and what you could change to get more sales.

Free Survey tools

Thankfully there are many free online survey tools if you do a search on google. Here are some I found on the first results page of my search (these are not recommendations so please do your research to find the right one for you):
  • Zoho free survey tool –
  • KwikSurveys –
  • SmartSurveys –
  • Google Forms

Check out this blog is you want even more survey tools suggestions.

We have all experienced relatively low conversions at one time or another, and will probably go through many more. We can look forward in the knowledge that we can do somethings to change it. Good luck on finding the answers to boost your conversions!!

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